Chinese New Year and the candied fruit

I feel like I had a habit of eating ice candied fruit. Junior high school, on the way home from school there is an aunt selling candied fruit, every where we go eat a bunch of the total, but no money to go helplessly passed away for many years.

Later, money, and always buy again and again, especially in the New Year holiday to go home, when I took my brother and sister shopping time to buy is up to the candied fruit. I like to eat something just because other people like to eat, so the total bought them to share. Mother says that just like a child. But she is also spoiled me, haw species inside their homes end up with fruit, and she encouraged me to put inside the pot and pour a lot of steam with a lot of sugar to eat. One year, we really do yourself, but can not boil out of the sugar solidified, we have placed under Lang Yan, to the small guests, is also out to show a show. The aspirations of the candied fruit eating ice has not changed. Also this morning, ate three.

A further 10 days should the Chinese New Year in. Chinese New Year is a very complicated matter, I have always been trying to. Back home, to see this kind of thing, there is no sigh and ran away, I am worried about their whining. I think if we can go out to play a holiday how happy things, but destined to be honest left alone each day eat meat, fish ah, ah, eat the rice.

Since when can not remember, and every year I have started this reading to sleep inside the shelter in their homes. Sister to the teacher at home New Year's I do not move, his sister's friends house to play I do not move, in short, where no one where to stay honest. Passed in this way for many years, slowly getting his old, and my heart more and more not understand a lot of things, do not enjoy the excitement of Chinese New Year.

During vacations, students are happy to go home. It seems that time itself is also looking forward to this time there is no shackles, looking forward to the grandmother at home shamelessly, and the aunt who looked at the joy of talking together.

New Year's arrived, I grew up in one-year-old on holiday, the blog is temporarily unable to write down and would like to say blessings in their own words, but do not know if there is no use, my mind also some chaos. I am grateful I was growing concern to some people, some to go, but do not know what to say, skepticism is always so I am not optimistic. If you believe in each other, then do not say anything, if you do not believe each other, even if do say so what is the use? But in any case, I know that the new year, I will be more confident, more beautiful, and also hope that all people, especially people who care about taking care of me because I am happy and proud.

Photo credits: Shupian.

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October 29, 2009


Nice shots! Good luck with them ;)

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