Chinese new year is coming soon!

Chinese new year is coming soon!

Here, want to show you my two recent uploads..

I think it was a bit too late.. I don't expect any sales from these two image in this year... Might need to wait for next chinese new year and see..

However, I wanna wish you a very Happy Chinese new year! :)

Photo credits: Woo Bing Siew.

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February 09, 2013


Hi Billy, invert the 'wealth'. I love it that way!

February 07, 2013


That's my favorite photo:

 Man Minority Lady, China 

February 07, 2013


Great images, good luck.

February 07, 2013


Nice images! wish you many sales, this year or the next one!

February 07, 2013


That will be why my Great Wall of China picture has started selling like two or three times a day :) forgot it was at this times of year, thanks for the heads up :)

   Great Wall of China   

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