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Chinese Paper cutting is a picture cut out on a paper with scissors. The picture patterns are often pasted on the linteis, windows, or lanterns to express the feelings of joy and the perceptions in life. Hence the scissors-cut is also known as “scissors-picture” or ”paper-cut for window decoration”.

The patterns are often designed fron events in the jubilant festivals, bumper harvest of the cereals, stories of the folk opera, childrenoranimals, and others. They are very beautiful, interesting, and are widely popular among Chinese people.

The art of paper-cut may bi traced back to a period as early as the ancient South and North Dynasties,It appeared at the same time of discovery of Chinese papermaking and is still prosperous across China.

The paper-cut art has become one of the magnificent and beautiful flowers in the Chinese national ar-tistic rteasures.

Chinese paper cutting is a unique artform and has existed for thousands of years with a long history featuring both national and regional themes. Paper began as a precious commodity in the Han Dynasty. Most of the people with access to paper for an entertainment cause such as art were usually nobles in royal palaces. The Song Dynasty scholar Chou Mi mentioned several paper cutters who cut paper with scissors into a great variety of designs and characters in different s, and a young man who could even cut characters and flowers inside his sleeve. The oldest surviving paper cut out is a symmetrical circle from the 6th century found in Xinjiang, China.

From the 7th to 13th century, paper cutting became popular especially during Chinese holiday festivals. The art spread to the rest of the world in the 14th century. Throughout the Qing Dynasty many paper cutting skills were developed including drafting and the use of smoked papers. By the end of the Qing ruling however, new art forms were being introduced.

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