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Chinese photographers,please help me.

Recently I can not complete the picture information editing, fault as follows:

1, DT Web access becomes very slow;

2, the top right corner of the website personal statistics do not appear;

3, the page is not normal, under the menu bar shows all the subordinate category links;

4,After upload pictures, filling in the picture information page, click on "Submit" no response, click on the "Clear prepopulated" and "Autopopulate" no response.

I changed a variety of browsers, the results are similar.

I am in Taiyuan, my friend in Beijing tried it, the same results.

I asked the DT administrator, they said it might be my problem here, the network service provider.

Did you encounter a similar problem? The solution?

Heartfelt thanks!


1, DT网站访问变得很慢;

2, 网站右上角个人统计信息不出现了;

3, 页面不正常,菜单条下显示出所有下级分类链接;

4, 上传图片后,在填写图片信息的页面中,点击"Submit"没有反应,点击“Clear prepopulated”和“Autopopulate”也没有反应。






Photo credits: Jinfeng Zhang.


help seek

Your article must be written in English

February 12, 2015


Now everything is normal:)

February 09, 2015


Wxh6763, i not solved it:(

February 07, 2015


Are you solved it now?

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