Chinese red lantern in New Year

This year is the Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox,during the Spring Festival, China is full of joyous atmosphere everywhere.While celebrating Chinese New Year all over China, each place has their own characteristics.But there is only a common Chinese symbol, every place is the same,this is a red lantern of China.

Since ancient times. The red lantern of China is not merely a kind of illuminations, it symbolizes the happiness even more, happy and beautiful yearning for the future.

I will introduce a group of Chinese red lanterns in lunar calendar Year of the Ox.

Photo credits: , Linqong.

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Thanks a lot:) my friend Creativei.

I wish you have more downloads in Ox year.


Honestly I learnt a lot about china reading your blogs


Thanks a lot:)my friends Zhangjian and Toneimage.
Here is the temple fair of Beijing,


Thank you for your reply,my friend Noonie:)
If you have time,Welcome to China.


Propitious pleasant,nice shot。


nice shot,hope it sell well^^


You are really opening China up to us! Thanks! They are beautiful.

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