Chinese traditional drama, part one: Beijing(Peking) Opera

Beijing(Peking) Opera, also called Pihuang, originated of two basic tones of Xipi and Erhuang from Anhui province, and some other local tones from elsewhere in China. Peijing Opera appeared in circa 1790 in Beijing, it reached the summit in 1930s. As an eastern Opera, Peijing Opera contains singing, dancing, music, fine art and literature, by using mandarin language and Erhu musical instrument, is a mature art nowadays and generally became the national opera.

There are four main roles in Peijing Opera, male, female, painted and clowns. Actor and actress perform on the stage by means of singing, recitation, acting, theatrical fighting and dancing, to present legends and tales. Till now, more than one thousand traditional programs exist, half of them have been often performed on the stage.

one of the interesting things in Beijing Opera, is the facebook. The color of facial makeup. Color describe the character and temper, positive or negative. Red means loyalist and good man, Black means brave and wisdom, pirple means honesty, white means viper, golden and silver equal to immortal, etc. You can tell something about a figure from outside look even you don't know the exact character, we usually say "the face of the soul".

You might hear the saying that on minutes on the stage need ten years of practise off the stage, this is to tell the difficulty and hardness of this art, Beijing Opera is very popular in China and the world at present. More and more kids and young people join it, the Beijing Opera art will have splendid future.

As an audience and of course a photographer, I feel so good to be under the stage, to see such an excellent drama. It is really beautiful!

lately, I will introduce another popular drama in China, Pingju Opera, hope you enjoy it.

*** My reference data for Stage Photography: ISO 200-400 , Shutter Speed: faster than 1/200 second , Aparture advantage: 4, lens:35-200mm. more advanced camera would control noise well even with higher ISO, get a safe shutter speed with anti-shake techonology, and better lens will offer you a sharper image. With tripod, of course, it would be better.

Photo credits: , Photoexpress.

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February 24, 2011


Well done! Congrats!!!

February 24, 2011


Thank you Youths, thanks a lot!

February 23, 2011


Great photos, congratulationsssss!!

February 23, 2011


Glad to see your nice comments, thank you very much for your encouragement, I'll upload more opera pictures to share with you.

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Great images, congratulations!

February 23, 2011


Wow.... Great images... Congratulations.

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Amazing photos. Thanks for sharing!

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Congrats for your photos!

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