Chinese traditional Gong Fu tea ( 2 )

Last time, we talk about the how to prepare Chinese traditional Gong Fu tea. Now, dicu chat the next step to taste and drink it.

D. Put the tea leaf: the proportion is 1:18

E. Wash the tea leaf: take the teapot in the right hand, use lid in the left hand to scrape the bubble, then pour the tea into the cup of sweet-smelling.

F. The first pot: pour the boil water into pot and wait for 1 minute, then pour out of the water. Take the pot in the right hand, pour the tea into fair cup, then pour into the cup of sweet-smelling from fair cup and just more half.

G. The next setp is how to drink Gong Fu tea, such as “Carp jump over the golden gate, travel mountain and play water, etc.

H. The second pot and third pot: Two step just repeat about mentioned.

Photo credits: Watercattle.

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March 27, 2008


I am in shanghai.

March 27, 2008


you location is in the south of china? it is the most popular in GongDong & FuJian.

March 27, 2008


Yes, it is great tea culture of china. if you travle to china, you must be taste this kind of tea. it just doing in this way.

March 27, 2008


Why it is so important to do this correctly in such way. I know that this is tradition but is this means something for all that doing that in such way?

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