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These days I find some of my photos were refused due to the problem of the “words”, it always showed “Your image info. contains one or more of the following issues: irrelevant or incomplete title, description/keywords/categories issues…” Actually, at beginning I was not quite sure what’s the problem about and believed it should be the improper “Title” or “Description”. So I made the modification accordingly, however, still were refused, take the squirrel’s photos as example: these 2 photos were refused 3 times altogether and finally the adorable editor can’t help giving me the detail explanation: “+++Use only keywords that are the most relevant and specific to the image subject. Such as the squirrel, your input “St.Petersburg” in your keywords, will someone just looking for the squirrel by searching key word “St.Petersburg”? !"

Now I got it known completely and think the editor’s reasonable. “The more the best” is not recommendable for the keywords, the most relevant should be the most appropriate. It’ll save more time for both the potential buyers and yourself. Quickly I got rid of the redundant ones in the key words and this time got approval smoothly. I feel quite pleased because these photos were shot on the showground in the backyard of Peterhof,St. Petersburg. I met these squirrels there when I only brought with me the 17-40 lens, made me happy was that the squirrels weren’t afraid of me at all so I could shoot them in a quite close distance. That made it quite valuable and I like it very much^^

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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Thanks for your words and waiting for your squirrel sharing.


Very interesting!!! I think keywording is difficult to figure out what is really relevant and what is not. I hope to have a squirrel photo online soon!


Very cute squirrel,:)


So cute the squirrel.Thanks for sharing.


I have found that KEY keywords are the most important. For me I have found that many of my images are found and purchased based on maybe 3 to 5 keywords used. Some of them are consistently purchased based on ONE keyword. My religious imagery seems to need more keywords (5).

That little ground squirrel is a meanie. Maybe it is a she and she was protecting her nest or nest area. It seems little packages pack a mean punch!


what a cute "beast" it is! really can't imagine it' can be so crazy~~ so amused & dangerous the scene should be.


Very nice images, well done on getting them approved. I have a funny story about the shots I took of a squirrel in my portfolio. I too got very close as the squirrel did not appear scared of me, but then I decided to sit on the floor to get lower down to the said beast (I refer to him as a beast because of what happened next), but to my amazement the squirrel got very aggressive and attacked me, I had to put my foot forward as a sacrifice and as it bit my shoes, I tried to get off the ground, but every time I put one of my hands on the floor to give me leverage, it would forsake the offering of my shoe and try attack my hands instead (or one hand, the other with camera in), eventually I managed to perform what can only be described as a lunge upwards with only my legs to lift me off the ground (sounds easier than it is) and made my get away from the angry critter. To me, cute = aggressive lol. The culprit is can be seen on clicking the link below...

Link to the beast that bit me


Choose the keywords is the hardest work on the foto !


They have cousins here in my backyard so I guess St. Petersburg don't have the exclusive on these guys. :) Good article.


what ever the outcome, I just love those Squirrel, wow so cute, love them


Choose the best keywords is a difficult task.


So cute this tiny creature. I love it so much.

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