Choosing for mirrorless

I am shooting now with my Mirrorless cameras for about 1,5 year and I am very happy about the choice.

Long time I was dreaming of having a small camera that creates the same quality images of a DSLR. I wanted something that I could easy take with me so that I will not miss the moments what could make a good stock photo.

Music concert

Some years ago the first Mirrorless Interchangeable lens cameras entered the market. Back then I started already to think if I should switch to them from my DSLR. I went to the store and gave the camera a try but realized that they where not that fast on that moment so I kept shooting with my DSLR. Then 1,5 year ago things started to change. Because of new technology these camera began to get fast. Then the moment came that I bought my first on additional to my DSLR. I started to shoot with it and realized that I was using it for like 90% off the time. My bigger camera was left at home. It was for me a big advantage that this camera was easy to take with me and created me more freedom. It seemed like the borders where extended. As example I went to some festival with the camera as a visitor. I made some stockphotos on that day next to the regular photos of friends. For me it is ideal. It is a personal choice that would not fit to everybody. I know photographers that also switched to mirrorless and never want to go back. On the other hand some other photographers likes to feel the camera filling their hands, so they keep the DSLR.

After realizing that I am not using the DSLR anymore I sold it to buy a more advanced mirrorless camera that even include phase detection autofocus and a amazing viewfinder.

Here some advantages of the mirrorless cameras:

-Electric viewfinder. This let you set for example the white balance or the brightness before you make the image. It means that this what you see through the viewfinder will be exactly how the image will look like.

-Small body that means less weight and anyway a big sensor to not loose quality.

-Older DSLR objectives can with adapter still be used with the mirrorless cameras for some brands.

Like I said before. It is a choice. It depends what kind of photographer you are. I just wanted to share my experience with you and I am curious who else of you photographers are using this kind of cameras for microstock.

Photo credits: Mirco Vacca.
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  • Poznan, Poland

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April 27, 2014

I've just bought a Samsung NX and I love it's quality and portability.


May 21, 2013

I'm using strictly mirrorless these days... I find that it offers the unique option to have one camera that is up to the task when it comes to microstock submittals, but also travels light and is the same camera you grab for personal shots. I really enjoy having a single camera.