Choosing a new lens

Very often, in the forums, you can read a beginner's question: "What lens should I buy next? I already have a kit lens"

Well, the answer is one - if you don't know what to buy, don't buy anything. When you start to shoot more, when you are a more experienced photographer, your needs will be crystalized and you will know what to buy, More, you will even know what you don't need :)

During my vacation in Norway it turned out I tend to use either ultra wide angle or long lens, almost without middle ranges. After returning home I decided to sell my 80-210 and buy Tamron 18-250 (new lens which has good opinions and tests). In this way I will have just two lenses covering almost the whole range I need:

Sigma 10-20 (love it!) nad Tamron 18-250.

This will make the necessity to change lenses less frequent.

And there's just one lens I need: light portrait one.

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Photo credits: , Werner Stoffberg.