Christmas Collections 2 2012

As a continuation of my first Christmas Collections blog & following the steps of Eliane, here's a new set of collections needing your input:

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Pink Christmas

Violet Christmas

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Brown Christmas

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Yellow Christmas

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Multicolored Christmas

Silver Christmas

I will add only the ones that fit perfectly, no people please.

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December 24, 2012


A multicolored category, that is me!
Here is one:
 Christmas Ornaments Border Card 

December 22, 2012


Sorry I can't add to the collection...merry Christmas though!!

December 22, 2012


Hi Georges!
Nice photos!
I may suggest this one:

December 22, 2012


Great shots and graphic....

December 20, 2012


This one may be a stretch, but it might work in your multicolored category. If not, no worries.

 Christmas Glass Block Decoration 

December 20, 2012


Hi Georges,
I don't know if these could fit, have a look. And if they don' problem :-)
 Christmas Tree at the Lafayette Gallery 2  Christmas Tree at the Lafayette Gallery 
I wish you a happy Christmas!
Regards, Massimo

December 19, 2012


[imgr]ID: 27987938[/imgr]

December 19, 2012


Perhaps for Multicolored Christmas..
 Christmas Nativity  

December 19, 2012



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