Christmas: Creative Idea

For us and I think alot of us, are really tight this holiday season. So there is not going to be that much "getting", this Christmas.

So I thought of this idea and suggested to my husband and mother-in-law.


For his side of the family:

This is a great fun project for the whole family.

A standard paper sized plain and different colors of material, one for each family member, oh.. don't forget the pets...have them paint their hand (look in the craft stores for paint) and place it on their material. The kids will have fun, because they can add beads, glitter.. etc... to their own material. Sew all the pieces together..

Now you have a hand print memory!

You can do this for each family or for someone in the family (Mom and Dad)..

For my family:

I am going to do a hand print poster.

Each family member is to put their hand print on a black sheet of construction paper. The paint can be any color. Email the photo of the hand print and I am going to create an Andy Warhol style poster print for each of my family members..

I hope you find this a great idea for a Family Christmas Creative idea for your family.


Photo credits: Alice Herden.

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December 13, 2008


Nice and simple project

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