Christmas Gift for Some...

Hi everybody,

I would like to say that my first year on DT was positive in all the means... 2 assignments (Preparing for the 3rd), 3 level2 images...

34 sales within 80 online, over 60 AR! I Wanted them 35 as I made 35 on Sunday, but it didn't work :)))

As a buyer I'm planning to get the 300 downloads before the end of the year I hope!

I'm happy as we are finishing this year to show some DT photos in use... Yes it's one more project that took much time from me preparing many catalogs & PDFs... yet much more to do!

I would like the photographers to consider this as a small Christmas gift... ;)

Here are the images I used... Cheers ;)

© Dash

Photo credits: Darren Baker, Daniel Dash, Diego Vito Cervo, Wavebreakmedia Ltd.

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February 26, 2010


Very good results, dreams come true in the new year.

December 23, 2009


Thanks Claudio, I appreciate your comments & work also... Merry Christmas ;)

December 21, 2009


Thanks again Mani, the photographers will appreciate the nice gesture!

December 19, 2009


Thank you Adeliepenguin for your kind comments... Wish you good luck & Merry Christmas ;)

December 18, 2009


Very nice, Maen! If you lived in the states, I would refer you to friends for their websites!
And what a great way to end the year--many successes. I will keep looking for you to see what's next! Thanks for taking care of the DT team with so many downloads. Happy holidays!

December 17, 2009


Thanks Leslie ;)

December 16, 2009


Looks great!

December 16, 2009


Thanks a lot Debbie & Kaththea, wish you a Merry Christmas & good luck in sales also ;)
Titania Thank you! What a nice date to be born :)
I hope I won't forget it... feliz Navidad ;)

December 16, 2009


Congrats and well done in both ways)!

December 16, 2009


Great job Maen.It is so nice of you to post photos used.Keep up the good work.I wish you many sales in the new year.Merry Christmas

December 16, 2009


Congrats for your first year!! and a very nice detail to show the images you buy :)

Merry Christmas/feliz Navidad!!

PS: Happy birthday! I'll be 30 on 1st jan ;)

December 15, 2009


Hi Carol thanks a punch ;)

December 15, 2009


Great work Maen! It's always nice to see where your photos are being used. Everyone appreciates the extra effort you go to for us :0)

December 15, 2009


Thank you very much Fultonsphoto, Keki, Gabriel, Marilyn, Clayton, Susan and Dessie
I always try my best to choose the best photos for the subject so I won't get a any rejection from the client (It's his business after all)

Merry Christmas (Feliz Natal) ;)

December 15, 2009


Nice work, Maen! Just tell us what your next projects will be ...

December 15, 2009


Nice! Wish I could have helped out with the photos.....maybe next time. Choose something I can do!

December 15, 2009


Great work, Maen. Thank you for sharing the images you used for your projects. It's always good to know where our images are being used.

December 15, 2009


Nice work Maen, and wonderful that you share how and where the images are used. Feliz Natal :)

December 15, 2009


First i wanna say the site looks great and well done for this project,second congratulations for your portfolio and not last i wait your Assignment file to wish you good luck :)

December 15, 2009


you're the model client Maen! :) Best wishes for the new year!

December 14, 2009


Nice site Maen, as always you try to let the photographers know how you have used their images, very nice wish more would do it but guess they are very busy and cant answer to everyone.

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