Christmas images of my Dt friends

It's almost Christmas time and most of us spent the last months creating illustrations and taking photos with Christmas themes.

It was amusing thinking that, while I was working at my illustrations, the people that I knew here were working, at the same time, designing christmas trees, snow puppets and gifts.

Here is one my illustrations, just to begin

and here are my friends' ones.

I think December sales will increase a lot!

© Dadina

© Amk68

© Carbi

Please sorry if I forgot someone :)

Photo credits: , Linda Bucklin, Tanja Rosso, Amariu5, Andrea Massimiani, Paolo De Santis, Carbi, Dabobabo, Daniela Starace, Jan Martin Will, Irisangel, Jean Schweitzer, Desy Pistonami, Martin Spurny, Melissad10, Milacroft, Nicemonkey, Norman7, Penelope82, Roberto Giovannini, Roberto Mansi, Dmitry Sunagatov, Tomislav Zivkovic, Valegas, Valeria Cantone, Xevious.

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December 09, 2008


Thanks a lot ,Francesca!

December 09, 2008


Tahnch you,Francesca!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!you are very very kind!!!bye

December 08, 2008


Happy you liked it!Christmas illustrations and photos of all of you are beautiful!Bye

December 08, 2008


Thank you Francesca!

December 08, 2008


What a lovely idea! Thank you, Francesca!

December 08, 2008


Wow thanks..this is really a christmas time idea!!!lovely!:*

December 08, 2008


Great idea, thanks for adding me to the list :-)

December 08, 2008


Thanks Francesca ! :)

December 08, 2008


Thank you Francesca! What a kind idea! It was like receiving an early Christmas gift! Thanks again!!! :D

December 08, 2008


Nice collection! Thank you :)

December 08, 2008


Thank you Francesca! :D Very very kind... Merry Christmas ;D

December 01, 2008


Thanks a lot Francesca! I wish you many sales in December. Bye, Rob.

November 30, 2008


Thanks for including me in your list of friends. Good luck with your images and I hope December is your best month ever.

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