Christmas Photography Templates

So, I have created a line of photography templates for the 2008 Christmas season, and I have included it in my collection for sale

I have gotten so many questions on how these templates are created, I thought I would put together a quick tutorial for any of you photographers and designers who would like to make their own lines.

First, find a photo that is inspirational to you for your "pose".

Start your template creation in Photoshop in RGB format, at the size you prefer. 4" x 8" is a popular size these days.

Place your photo into the blank template screen. Select the colors from this photo for the elements of you design.

I thrive on Photoshop brushes. If you are not in tune to creating brushes, you can find some nice free brushes out there with a simple Google search, just make sure there are no usage restrictions on them.

Now, use your creative juices and use these brushes to create stunning original designs!

There it is in a nut shell.

Photo credits: Azathoth973.

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November 24, 2008


thank you for using my image in your blog :-)

November 20, 2008


Nice creations.

November 19, 2008


Web site looks great. Wonderful templates, good luck.

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