Chronicle of my photos on assignment

It was Sunday morning.

I called my in-laws asking them to pose in my photos, I spoke to my children to bathe and comb, I prepared my

three flashes and my camera...

My mother in law would prepare gnocchi with sauce, while I accommodate the set of lights.

All set? NO! My daughter cries. Do not want to take photos. My wife talks to her.

All set? NO! My mother in law kicks accidentally my studio flash (my only studio flash!).

The pieces of plastic mix with my tears. My wife talks to me and my crying decreases, becomes into a gentle


Then I snap one hundred photos, and in the sieve are three.

All set? NO! In my house, then, put the keywords, upload photos, are not accepted: they do not have MR, then

they have Trademarks, etc...

Today my photos entered in the assignment!

I appreciate the patience of the editors, of my children, my wife, my in-laws... And I just want more Sundays

like this for everybody: All together as a family.

Photo credits: Claudio Fichera.

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Hello irisangel: Sorry, but my mother in law is mine and only mine! Makes the best veal cutlets ( with egg and breadcrumbs) in the universe. Do not deliver! :) Thanks Irisangel!


Interesting story. That's why I have no people in my portfolio. But, could I borrow your mother in law, I love gnocchi with sauce. LOL, Good luck with the assignment.


Dear Leslie: I thought my only happened to me. ! Hire professional models-childrens! :)
Excellent your biography! I had a great Fun.
Thanks Leslie!


HAHAHA! Sounds like my photo sessions with my daughter. Your results were worth it!


Dear Creativei: If I deserve to me, welcome! Thanks!
I hope that the effort bears fruit. Thanks, Marilyn!
Thanks Ladyamber! Yes, my family is very nice, and I love them!
Thanks Maen! And you're a big, Always tell the photographers how you use your photos! Cheers to you!
Thanks Wildmac! If all goes well, next purchase is a Canon lens 70-200 L. I can not sleep thinking about it!


Ok you get my 5 during the voting session, you did a hard work.


Good luck to you with your assignment images, I hope your efforts are rewarded!


Your photos are great. And which is more important, you have a very nice family. :-) Good luck with the assignment!


Hey Claudio! You're really a photographer who had a big jump!
All said? NO! Wish you more luck & many downloads! Cheers ;)


Well done! These photos are great despite all your troubles getting them accepted. Best of luck with the assignment and hope you can get a new flash soon :0)


Thanks Frantab01! Yes, much effort, and much gnocchi too! :)


good luck after your efforts, you've managed to capture a great scene :) well done


Thank Maigi! In reality, the flash does not matter! :)
And the dollars they'll come ...


Great photos! Lovely family. Good luck with assignment! And sorry for your flash. :( Wish you lots of dls to cover it up.


Thanks Picstudio!


Great pics.


Thanks Dragos! sometimes fun pays off... That Sunday I had a great time, and the flash did not matter. Buy a better one! :)


Congrats! It's good when you get the results, after all!


Thanks Rebecca! No frustration. I wanted to change the flash, was good to break :) Best regards and more talks followed!


nice pics, good luck with them after all your hard work and frustrations!

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