Chunyun, world's biggest annual migration

The official Chinese New Year holiday for 2009 is on January 26. A total of 188 million passenger trips will be taken in China during the upcoming Lunar New Year period, the country's most important holiday. The yearly exodus is the world's biggest annual migration, in Chinese, we named this exodus as “Chunyun”.

2009 Chunyun start on Jan. 11, I took this pictures on the 7th day of Chunyun.

Guangzhou railway station, one of the most busy stations in China, ever been the dream destination for millions of out-of-town workers who were willing to find a job in Guangdong province, and probably the most chaos place in China, is in face with the annual challenge again.

Let’s think deep to the cause of this chaos circumstance, why masses of Chinese desperate to return home? The reason comes from the strong family value. Spring Festival (the Chinese Lunar New Year), the most important festival of China, is the reunion day for all the Chinese families. Family members will come together to celebrate this event, no matter where or how they work or study, the homesick feeling will be much more strong during the traditional festival. From this point of view, Guangzhou railway station could be regarded as one of the most emotional places in China, especially while Spring festival is coming.

Photo credits: Wayne Zhou.

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Happy new year...and happy new photos!


Wow - I guess it is like being "home for Christmas" in America or other Western countries.

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