Church Ruins In Ireland

Recently I photographed this amazing ruin in the West of ireland.

Abbeyknockmoy is in Co. Galway. The name 'Knockmoy' signifies 'the hill of the plain;' and the abbey which shares with it in the designation of the parish, was anciently called 'Monasterium de colle victoriae.' The establishment is said to have been founded and endowed in 1180, by Cathal O'Connor, monarch of Ireland, in commemoration of a victory obtained by him at its site over Almericus de St. Lawrence. Considerable ruins of the edifice, which still exist, contain some frescoes, which, though rude in design, and faded in colour, possess uncommon interest for the antiquary, as the most authentic memorials anywhere to be found of ancient Irish costumes.

The Cistercian Abbey of Knockmoy (in the village of Abbeyknockmoy) was founded by the King of Connacht (Cathal Crovdearg O Connor, who was buried there in 1244) in the years 1189-1190. Knockmoy is rare in that it has a fresco still (barely) visible on the wall of the chancel. The monastery was plundered in 1200 (by William De Burgo) and in 1228, and the Abbot was censured in 1240 for having his hair washed by a woman. In 1483, the abbot was accused of setting fire to the abbey.

If anyone is planning on visiting the West of ireland, it is one place you have to visit and photograph!!

Photo credits: Rebeccaosborn.

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May 05, 2008


Great shot!

May 03, 2008


Strong historical color, the cloud has added the atmosphere for the picture! Very good works! !!

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