Circles of stone

Summer,light,clear air and historical emotions.Emotions of a lost time that bring me in another dimension, dimension of a young man era, a dimension of mhyt...fading into legend. Circles of stones are diffuse in all northern europe, remains of an ancient past. The world most famous is probably Stonehenge and You can retrive detailed info on wikipedia page at Wikipedia, Stonehenge.

Less famous but not less fashionable is Ring of Brodgar (see my picture on the right, for detail look again at Wikipedia, here) situated at the center of neolithical complex excavation of Orkney's islands in the northern of Scotland. Archaeological site is quite and, different from mass tourism of Stonehenge, never You can see crow of people here.

This feature permits You to achieve tranquility and inspirational state, let You travel back in the time. Weather change suddenly in these lands so You can experience different and stimulating conditions of lights,...for example (see in order of writing...): a glorious sunrise hearing the sounds of birds that wake up; a dramatic sunset after a storm and a colorful sunset in a mid summer day.

Here's the way for me to share theese emotions with You, I hope theese few words can light your curiosity on and You desire to trip into those lands even if my english language is so raw :-)

Alfio, a neapolitan Scotland lover...

Photo credits: Alfiofer.

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