Classical beauty in China (Part II).

As a famous historical city, there are a lot of ancient buildings in Beijing. There is the Great Wall which you know very well, the Forbidden City, the Summer Palace, but also a lot of royal gardens are distributed in Beijing. These classical gardens are mostly emperor and their relative in China's history's houses, very big, very luxurious, very beautiful too.

How to display these beautiful classical gardens? I have to consider this question. If a beautiful scene picture is still not enough, People can experience more the information of history and culture is my purpose. So, I have asked a model to cooperate together with me, finishes this group of works together.

The model is a very fashionable girl, she once participated in the performance of the Beijing Olympic Games opening ceremony of this year luckily. She has hoped many times I shoot a group of fashionable pictures for her, but I always think she is suitable for displaying classical beauty in China…

Here is a group of Chinese Qing Dynasty's clothing (History of Qing Dynasty in China: A.D. 1644 --A.D. 1912), It is the princess' dress of Qing Dynasty too. It was the recreation time of a princess in Qing Dynasty in the royal garden that was represented here.

Photo credits: , Linqong.

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Beautiful images and model.


Thanks a lot:)Rebecca


Thanks my friend Noonie.


nice shots!


Wow! Thanks for the tour and information.


Thanks a lot:)Irisangel.


absolutely beautiful, I mean, The images and the model.

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