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During my recent trip to Saint-Petersburg, my friends invited me to a concert at the recently opened Marriinsky concert hall to listen to the orchestra's playing Stravinsky. Never being a big fan of classical music, this time I was really impressed. Wanted to ask for recommendations of your favorite classical music masterpieces. What should I listen to?

Some photos I took during the trip are here to give you a feeling of the cold jewel of Europe which is also the cultural capital of Russia.

Mariinsky Theatre

in Saint-Petersburg

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September 30, 2016


Hello, dear violinists!
I would like to share my experience with you. One day I accidentally stumbled on very interesting musician's website. The author is Alexander Shonert. There, in section "Learn to play the violin", I've found out, that he has developed a technique, called "The Shonert Technique". Usually musicians follow some musical schools and copy their techniques. But Alexander developed his own method based on the traditional violin school. The specification of this method is learning how to fill and manage your body, especially how to manage your mind. I was also interested by the fact, that lessons can take place not only personally, but also on the Internet, in Skype. I've decided to try and signed up for a lesson. The result was simply amazing! After just couple of lessons my level went up very much! And most importantly, I really enjoyed the lesson process. In general, I recommend! Try it!

June 07, 2012


Thanks for sharing

June 06, 2012


Really great exprerience !

June 05, 2012


What a chance of a lifetime. Congratulations! Speaking of Saint-Petersburg and Russian composers, my favorite one is Tchaikovsky for his violin concerto, ballets, and 1812 overture. I also enjoy listening Rachmaninoff (Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini) or Scriabin's piano sonatas. I world recommend Jascha Heifetz playing Tchaikovsky violin concerto. You might find an old recording but just listen to the music. Good luck!

June 05, 2012


I listen to Tchaikovsky now, Dvorak will be next in line!

June 05, 2012


Awesome orchestra shot. My fave is Dvorak's New World Symphony. There's nothing like listening to a masterpiece while editing photos

June 04, 2012


Wow, it was a great opportunity to go there...

June 04, 2012


If you have passion, nothing is difficult. I started playing as a child for a little year, reiniziato now, after 18 years since I played. In truth, the music I can not read anymore, but there are many tutorials on youtube of classical music that makes you see the keys that you press! I finally bought an upright piano, I took a Yamaha rebuilt in 1977, have a great sound and a keyboard is very light!

June 03, 2012


Was it hard to learn? I would really like to learn to play

June 03, 2012


I love the piano, I recently learned Fur Elise and Moonlight by Beethoven and Mozart's Turkish March, at this time no other sound!

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