Cleaning up my portfolio

Today I decided to clean up my portfolio.

I looked at all my old images and choose all those without any sale. I put them in the free section. I hope somebody will find them interesting to use somewhere. I think it's the good way to make a kind of refreshment of ones portfolio.

I was thinking meanwhile is it a good thing to give some of my images for free.Especially whan it has high

resolution.. and when I probably have them on other sites. So I thought I'll do it just for a week or so. I'll give a chance for somebody to get it for free and will not make my other sites work badly.

Sometimes we can get few more sales by that kind of action. Who knows and I'll see.

I just wanted to clean up a bit just before I'll start to upload some new seasonal images. I hope..


Photo credits: Andrei Calangiu, Teresa Azevedo.

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October 05, 2007


Sebcz is right. Sometimes images with no sales even land up with SR-EL sale suddenly like the one mentioned in the message board last month. Instead I will recommend cleaning up of similar images about which I have written in this blog - Duplicate Woes

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