A clear sky and rainy day

A clear sky and rainy day

The city that I live, the rainy day is a lot of, fog sky is also a lot of, but will have some a clear skies annually, when the time comes, the sky becomes very blue

I even like to photograph in the cloudy day and catch thunder and lightning flash to stimulate very much, but insecurity

Was all day long all raining once, the light rain developed into rain-storm, I take camera and hide into a still just under construction apartment and led for about an hour and rose wind, rain also stopped and unexpectedly appeared clear star sky

Busy senior high school life, let I seldom sometimes picked up camera, but I remain think of this crary summer very much

Autumn of temporary, the old woman of neighbor's house loudly Rang Rang wear'how don't rain' of time, the sky is very very blue, can see arrive in the evening the odd month is bright very much, there is the felling of the seaside, though I here leave sea very far

Photo credits: Kevin888.

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October 09, 2009


wishing you lots of sunnier days too :)

October 08, 2009


Well, I wish you sunny days! The autumn is very beautiful in my country, Romania!

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