Climate Change is Real - Before the Flood Let Us Care about our PLANET

I love my Planet . Here in Texas we have a yearly ritual , every single Halloween people in texas have been sweating in 90+ degree heat every day since May... and every Halloween we are ready for the ANNUAL COLD FRONT....

well that cold front never comes , this year... It was still 90 degree's today on halloween and no cold front still... and there will be no cold front for at least another week.

I love my planet.

Our Planet is Melting. The Ice will reflect less light each year and cause a run away effect. We Must take action NOW! Public Opinion must change so that politicians will be forced to fall in line! not 60% , not 80% but when 99% Believes in Climate Change the power will be in our hands.

Deforestation. Every Day. Every State. Every Country. More and More Death. Less and Less Life.

Education is the Key. We must educate ourselves and see why helping with climate change , gives us better energy for less money and creates more jobs while doing it.

Many Cities can prove that we can Power everything with Clean Renewable Energy. Austin Texas is one of them. Many More need to fall in line.

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November 02, 2016


Amazing article! I agree with you. Climate Exchange is a serious global problem and we have to stop this. By the way, Beautiful pictures! :))

November 01, 2016


yes that is a major problem is the political way of creating progress.

Leonardo Di Caprio just came out with a new movie they are currently playing on Youtube for FREE, by National Geographic , called Before the Flood. I would highly suggest watching it now while it is up for free.


a few keys points that I learned was.... there are many problems , more than just Carbon. Mathane. Amount of Land. Deforestation.

The Forests of this planet our the Lungs of this planet. the trees and plants take in carbon and store it , that is what oil is. 60 million years of DEATH. we all knew what would happen. Gasoline used to contain LEAD.... before a scientist by the name of Clair Patterson, a geochemist who pinpointed Earth's age for the first time and also uncovered a secret: Lead contamination is a major and potentially deadly problem. In the beginning the Petro-chemical companies were funding Clair Patterson&...

November 01, 2016


Great blog, Bryan. And, I agree. I remember having to bundle up in Dallas to take my son Trick or Treating. We could have gone out in shorts last night.

November 01, 2016


Agreed - I wish more people would open their eyes - this is actually common sense if you look at all the date from our past. Politicians do not care because this takes money away from their pockets.....and they just do not get that all that money is not going to do a bit of good in the END! Thank you for the post! I'm on your side!

November 01, 2016


nice article :)

November 01, 2016


I would assume any person who walks on this planet especially with a camera in hand to capture the present so you can see it in the future , what it looked like in the past.... would have to appreciate anything being done to stop big oil and coal polluters and help renewable energy sources

November 01, 2016


Thanks Perstock

I need to upload more to DT , it's not my biggest income source but I love the community

November 01, 2016


Thanks for the blog Bryan!
Images are certainly very important and useful to reflect climate change!

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Photo credits: Bryan Roschetzky.