So Close Yet So Far Away....

This site is addictive, first you wait for that 1st approved photo, then your first sale, then your first referral, now I'm trying to break that magic 50 mark so I can apply for exclusivity. It has so far eluded me, but I'm determined!!!

I have no illusions of making a million here, but it is fun and highly educational to see what photos sell, which tank, and my technical apptitude has already dramatically increased.

Dreamstime has been by far the most user friendly of microstock sites I've checked out. I've been very pleased with them as a whole, even when they are rejecting my submissions!! :)

Photo credits: Asakalaskas.

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August 02, 2011


good job!! i'm on my way to!!

Hope to see you at 500 photo :P

August 02, 2011


Congrats on 50! Wish you great number of sales per image.
You are right about DT, the most user friendly microstock!!!

August 01, 2011


Congratulations on 50 and wish you more uploads and sales.

July 30, 2011


Congratulations! Probably all of us have the same learning curve.

July 30, 2011


That`s a great milestone! Congratulations!

July 30, 2011


You're right... COngratulations.

July 30, 2011


Congrats on 50 .... speedy trip to your next 50!

July 30, 2011


Dreamstime is really great and I agree it makes addictive! :D Congratulations!

July 30, 2011


Congratulations :) It is definately a process that will make you a better photographer, it has improved my skills no end over the last 7 moths, good luck :)

July 29, 2011


Yahoo!!! Just made it to 50!!!

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