Close to the Animals

I like animals & also quite fond of take pictures of them. Actually, animals in the nature, they are quite different from each other, however, like human beings, each of them has its special & only when you come close to them, you will more understand them, knowing their habit, what they request and even their sort of communication. Each time when I’m in the harmony environment with so many cute friends surrounding, I feel more necessary & importance to well protect nature, to treat friendly to them is also the best way to be kind to ourselves. Of course, it needs our all effort & to be grateful is more & more people are getting to know that.

Hereby attached some lovely photos of animals & hope you will like them.

Photo credits: Toneimage.

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I love your images! Wonderful!!!Congratulations!!Thank you for sharing!


Love tham,congratulation


Nice images, and one look at my PF and you will see I feel the same way about animals, great subjects to photograph.


Really nice images. I love the squirrel in the snow and the otter. Looks like the squirrel was having a "bad hair day"! LOL!


love them


Great images! Love the skating parrot :))


Very nice. I've added your Otter photo to one of my collection. Feel free to check it out.
Wild animals


thanks all :)


I like the DOF of the two sheep laying in the field. Nice capture of their environment. The bird skating has a determined look which I can appreciate. Thanks for being their friend!


great images, wishing you lots of luck :)


Very beautiful images!I like the squirrel and the peacock:)


love the peacock! well done :) best of luck!


very cute animals! love them all!

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