Close to my first goal

Hi i created account long time ago but wasn't been so motivated to upload files couse my first 5 images had no views for long time. Some of my work/fun i put here are photos that was shot and then i thought after "this one i can upload".

I read a lot and know that success here is connected with planning and doing photos with vision of commercial usage.

Eiffle Tower in light at night

]Now after 2 years with DSLR and promoting my photo on personal blog I have much more experience with composition and working of quality of image while shooting and in post production. Recently i change my camera from Sony A380 to Sony A550 which is for quality of my future work/fun.

Chestnuts roasted on a blue barrel

My first goal is to have 25images in portfolio and I am close to that (4 photos waiting for accept).

Next steps:

My second goal is planned session just for stock (in a week i'm going to turkey and will have lots of time just for shooting). In Turkey (close to KEMER) i want to take some images of beach, see, hotel inside/outside

My target is to have at least 30photos to upload here. Hope I'll could made it:)

My third goal is to have 50photos in portfolio and become exclusive contributor.

I will be grateful for the opinion about my current plans/goals and also about photos in my portfolio

Gull bird on clean beach with trash bin

Three baboons of different ages.

Daniel Domański
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October 01, 2012

Nice plans, but money will come only if you will shoot people. Get a model and try to make some business concept photos. Same advice to me! :)) Thanks for adding me to fav list. Good luck.


September 21, 2012

You're doing great.


September 20, 2012

Keep working!!! Nice images!


September 20, 2012

You have very clean photos in your portfolio. They look really nice! Maybe you should put an effort into it an upload more :)
Good luck!