Let's talk about clouds.

Clouds are fascinating to watch. They come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

Do you know that clouds have different names for different patterns? Here are some examples.

Stratocumulus clouds

stratocumuls clouds

Cirrus clouds

cirrus clouds

Mackerel sky

cirrocumulus clouds

Dark clouds above industrial estate

cumulonimbus clouds

Singapore - rainy weather

nimbostratus clouds

Red mackerel sky at sunset

altocumulus clouds

Sea of Galilee - view from Mount Arbel

stratus clouds

Mammatus and cirrus

cirrus and mammatus clouds

Punggol Point viewing deck, Singapore

cumulus clouds

Morning view of Punggol river

altostratus clouds and a rainbow

Which is/are your favourite cloud type(s)?

Photo credits: Jimmytst.
  • Jimmytst
I am continually learning to harness on my photography skills to contribute quality pictures to the stock photo library to serve the needs of the community at large. I have experience in photo researching for blogs and print publications, which gives me a better idea of the kind of images that people usually look for when working on their projects.

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