The clouds dim my inspiration.

I am stumped on what I can do in terms of photography. I have taken every possible photo of isolation I can with my cornflakes box. I have to wait until summer to actually get out side, only because my camera freezes below -1. It has been slightly warm these days but I can't get a good clean shot of nature because of the clouds. Clouds would be interesting with fog but in these parts of my city, we barely ever get fog. So for now, I am on my way to nowhere with photography. On the side note, does any body know of a photo contest a 12 year old can enter?

© Porjii
Here is a shot of isolation I made (most recent)

Photo credits: Porjii.

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for your age, your work is impressive. in fact, for ANY AGE, your work is impressive. don't let the bad weather stop you. try to find inspiration to take more photographs.


Well, they never ask how old you are on the registration page and if one of your family members has a bank acount......


Your images are great! My son turns 11 on Monday and wants to be an illustrator. His drawings are really good. I had no idea you could join here so young. Keep up the great work, and don't forget to have fun :)


Thanks to both of you, and yes I am 12. I have this little 8 mp canon a590 is that I shoot all of my pictures with, not to mention that cornflakes box as my "white room". Still searching for oone of those photo contests


Very nice images! Just browse through the isolation and food shots here at DT and you will find some more inspiration for new shots.


First of all are you just 12?????? You images are really good, i love them. Well next summer, shoot many pictures and edit and upload them in winter.

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