Starting with a quick note because I got today to upload my 200 picture (although this month is not going this well) and even to sell the 50th picture;maybe not this great result after few months here,but still a good aim for someone like me who has recently started with the photography world.

So here we're...after this short introduction...maybe some light on the recent pictures could help the treat:

The Spring has come in Italy and taken some amazing colors as every year:

but it's even the season when you start planting the new vegetables and let them grow some:

© Yuritz

well,we have already something to take,so let me bring some red and fresh tomatoes for the mixture:

but it's not all about the flora,even the animals start their life again and the spider makes its web and patiently wait the prey:

© Yuritz

now let me go because I'm late and need to go find some other intresting views and more pictures to take,like the wedding I'm invited this week,could be a good opportunity for some nice photos!

See you soon and good rest!


Photo credits: , Yuritz.

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Ciao and grazie mille for visiting my latest blog to add your comment.

Now to your own opening statement. Don't worry yourself too much with slowdowns in dls. It's like the weather, it won't rain forever. Conserve your energy instead to make more pictures for Dreamstime. That's all you SHOULD be doing. All the best :)


thank you Davulcu,Softdreams,Rafalstachura,Wildmac...wish you all the best as well!


Congratulations on your 200th upload! Sales will come don't worry, some pics sell better in some seasons than others. It'll all work out in the end :)


I love the spider's web the most! Congrats on your 200th upload!


nice. congratulations


Nice shots congrats ...


thank you all and what to say: hope so!
cheers :)


Congrats for your photos!


Great work Yuri! Congratulations your milestone! Be patient sales will come... Cheers :)


Very nice photos!


I think, the same happens to all of us... Keep on the good work and your efforts.


I'm sure you'll reach the 50th download very soon ;) Good luck for your work on DT!

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