Coffee for thought

Sometimes it takes coffee to get my creativity going. It's this weird phenomenon. When I have 1 cup, I feel generally good. If I have 2, then I get this creative urge. When I have 3, I find I get totally over-creative and can't keep my mind to one thought.

Espresso seems to spark me straight to the unproductive over-creative spin.

Now I'm looking for a coffee regime that'll keep me moderately inspired, without knocking my head or ability to focus to bits. But, alas, I haven't found it.

Photo credits: Danie Nel.

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Yes - too much coffee is certainly not desirable. These days I grow my own lemon grass and drink some of that infused in water... but a coffee a day...what can I say.


haven't had a cup of coffee in 2 years, and i love it :(


I haven't been able to drink a cup of coffee without feeling nauseous and sometimes getting a headache for about ten years. I don't think caffeine agrees with me. I drink tea generally, but the thing that I find gets my creative thoughts flowing is a walk in the wild. It doesn't really have to be the back of beyond, any tree filled garden that blocks traffic noise is good. Even better if it has a pond or some sort of flowing water in it. It even works for me if it's raining. JMO Cheers :0)


If I drink more than 2 strong coffees it's not god...So one strong coffee wolud be enough for me...


Coffee got me through tax returns today!


Feeling relaxed is helpful, with coffee, cigarette, beer, even a lemonade or a chocolate bar!


Danie, is it only coffee :0) If so try watering it down a little.


Well do not take that fourth cup, you might have only dreams of your creativity..... :--))))

Well at times I do get creative idea after a quick smoke.

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