Cold weather for photocameras

I love the winter season, especially the days like today. It is full of snow here, everything is so white. Together with blue sky, it creates a wonderful romantic atmosphere. I love snow - as well as our golden retriever, so he has nothing against when we go to photograph outside.

I love to photograph winter nature and my Nikon is quite a brave guy who doesn

I love the colors of winter - light blue and white. Being "Starblue" here in DT, I created a new set of images in wintery colors . I wish you a wonderful mood and before Christmas time!

Photo credits: Starblue.

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January 05, 2011


Great shot!! Congratulations!!.....

December 30, 2010


Being one born in a country that is tropical, I used to dream how lovely it was to be in the snow during Christmas with all the christmas cards I saw. Now, after being here in such a country for almost the other half of my life in my new land , I am not sure if I did the right thing to move here, lol.
I don't go out in the winter to shoot, simply because I am not a polar bear,lol.
But I still admire the lovely scenery from every who does. Still for me, it looks so much better from inside :)
HAPPY NEW YEAR all at DT. here's to more sales for all of us. God Bless.

December 24, 2010


all great pics,good luck with the sales and Merry Christmas to you!

December 17, 2010


Also to you "Xuan490" merry Christmas, happy winter time... and of course happy Christmas, New year and winter time to all of you!

December 11, 2010


Wonderful images! Congratulations!

December 07, 2010


Beautiful images and great blog. Thank you for sharing.

December 07, 2010


I love your images.
Merry Christmas....ho ho ho

December 07, 2010


Useful advice for cameras! And beautiful pictures, congratulations!

December 06, 2010


Very beautiful images Jitka!I enjoy winter scenery too .Thank you for tip with bag,i was afraid to not broke my camera also:)I hope we have snow for Christmas !

December 06, 2010


It's so great. I have photoed some like these.

December 06, 2010


but Thailand now is so worm......

December 06, 2010


I love winter scenes, your pictures are really beautiful and full of life, Thanks for the tip of the bag for the camera!

December 02, 2010


The pictures are beautiful,You are really good :)

December 02, 2010


Wow! beautiful pics.

December 01, 2010


Beautiful images. We don't have winter here and it's hard for me to get in the Christmas mood...

December 01, 2010


WOW simply ravishing images! I miss the snow views! Maybe we will have it in a couple of months hopefully! :)
Great luck my friend :)

December 01, 2010


Brrrrrr.... It's cold out there.... Great images as always.

December 01, 2010


What a lovely photos! I adore winter but in Rome we don't have very slow temperatures.

December 01, 2010


Good picture! Good blog! Compliments!!!
I love snow too

December 01, 2010


I love snowy images but I don't get any snow here. I'll have to make a special trip to the mountains for it. You have very beautiful images Jitka :))

December 01, 2010


Is your plastic bag to minimize condensation ? If so do you need to seal it with a clip or rubber band ? David.

December 01, 2010


What a great collection of images!!!
I love snow, too, and it's not surprising being me living in the mountains ;)
I hope I will have the chance to take some great Winter shots this year!!! :)

December 01, 2010


Wow!...good look! Congratulations!!

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