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I've always been wondering how some people do really magical images just by placing one picture above another in Photoshop. Collage technique seemed complicated and mysterious one to me. But one good person gave me a tip of how's these things done. It's not so hard as I thought.

I just began making collages and found the approval of my first ones very inspiring. I think I'll continue to learn more about this technique to make even better images.

Some collages good as holiday cards, some - as backgrounds, and so on.

Photo credits: Makarova Olga.

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December 10, 2008


I've got not much experience in collage-making. I just use Mask tool in Photoshop to merge several pictures in some interesting way (the cat picture is done with masking + Brush tool to make bird shine + adding more blue color) and play with different effects (Photocopy and Stamp work best of all) to make a background for collage. Also user-defined brushed can do well in adding all those lovely "scratches" and "blots".
I'll try some other tricks and ways, and will gather them in a blog article one day. For now I know too little...

December 10, 2008


really the cat image is awesome, you should write a blog on how to make collage,

December 09, 2008


Very good! Lots of luck with them.

December 09, 2008


nice image of the cat, i like it!! I have never tried this before, but i must!!

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