A Collection of a Few of My Favourite Things.. Tasty Markets & Insects

I have often looked at people making collections and wondered if there was any merit in it so, I have decided to make my own. The big question has been what the collection should be about so I looked at my photos to see if I had favourite, sub-conscious DT subject. It turns out I have. Everytime I go travelling I seem to find myself down at the local marketplace with my camera taking pictures of the food or herbs and spices lined up in an orderly manner, in different colours and different flavours.

© Dash76
I would like to ask people to contribute their favourite photos to my theme 'Tasty Markets of the World'

I also had another memorable photo where I went on the hunt to figure out which insect in particular I was photographing and ended up suceeding with finding it latin name.

© Dash76
I have also made a collection of 'Insects - with genus'. I want this collection to be a entomology reference collection so I would like to collect pictures of insects with at least their genus included in the description and not just another pretty picture of a butterfly. If you have any pictures for this collection as well, please let me know.

Maybe you even have a picture that covers both these themes in a single photo :) .

Photo credits: Dale Shelton.

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Wish you many luck with your collection!




i have some images for the tasty market collection: 17265323 and 18497779. grateful if you would like to add them. txs.


Hi, I took these shots last winter in Barcelona, Spain.

 Market in Barcelona, Spain ;  Barcelona market, Spain 


Thanks for your suggestions and contributions.
Massimo: done! Dgmate: They arae some great photos adn I actually want to try doing similar one day when I get more equipment. I haven't included them though because they don't have much detail about their names. It also looks like there are a few arachnids (spiders) in there.
GBPhoto: Thanks I have included the market shots and a few of each species of your insects.


concerning your insect collection, have a look at these and see if they are convenient:
ID: 24398601
ID: 24218518
ID: 24028936
ID: 23904031
Good luck with your collections :-)
Cheers, Massimo


How about these for insects:

 Fly, macro shot 

 Epeus jumping spider, macro shot 

 Crab spider, macro shot 


 Red Dragonfly 


I perhaps have some you would like in your collections:


 Pieris rapae butterfly 
 Pieris rapae butterfly 
 Pieris rapae butterfly 
 Pieris rapae butterfly 
 Papilio zelicaon 
 Papilio zelicaon 
 Aeshna grandis 
 Anax longipes Dragonfly 
 Papilio zelicaon 
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
 Papilio zelicaon 
 Aeshna grandis 
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 


 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 
 Bottles and jars 

Thanks :)


I do not have appropriate pictures to your collection, but I wish you good luck!

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