Collection goes public: Social and Environment issues

Well, I am an engineer by profession and photographer by passion..but honestly none of these were my childhood dreams :) My mom, being a botanist, always encouraged me about a clean and green environment, whereas my grand-pa, being a social worker, always encouraged me to do something for society.

Ok, now you must be laughing. With all those great courage and inspirations I ended up being an Engineer! Well, who can ignore the need of money :) So here I am also running behind money just like most other people.

But hey! I didn't totally forget about those childhood dreams. With some other friends I try to do more than just engineering and photography. We visit local orphanage over the weekends and also sometimes we drive 'Tree plantation' initiatives among them. Those kids at orphanage don't know my language and neither do I understand their words. But we are great friends and a great team! Some of us prepare calendars every year with our own photos and sell those at our office. And then the fund goes to these li'l lively kids.

Having said all 'happy' and 'sweet' things, I hardly believe anyone here can tolerate if I really tell the background stories about the kids and how they were saved from some awful situations.

It really feels great even if we make them laugh for a day! I wish one day I can do something great for them! And my best prize would be if I can also inspire them to do something great for our society.

Illiteracy, racism, pollution, child-workers...ample issues are there around us. If our creations inspire some people or can be used for something good, that feeling is worth for a life time.

I was so excited the day I found my best selling image in this social website.

Have updated my favorite collection 'Social and environment issues' with some of your striking photos! You can have a look or if you want you can also post your photos here which I can pick up for my collection.

Link to see the collection: Collection

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© Bgopal

Photo credits: Alexmax, Aprescindere, Bgopal, Freedomsfolio, Johannesk, Nexus7, Omikron960, Picstudio, Lucian Coman, Samrat35, Nikhil Gangavane.

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July 21, 2013


Thanks for visiting the collection! :)

July 16, 2013


amazing pictures!!

July 15, 2013


Thank you very much!

July 14, 2013


Very nice collection!

July 11, 2013


Amazing and very interesting collection. Great images.

July 10, 2013


Thanks all :)
Hey Alvera... believe me ....these steps are just like baby steps :) ...I feel like I really couldn't do anything significant compared to what they really need and what I really want to do...

July 10, 2013


Your words make me cry! It's good to know that are people like you among us!

July 09, 2013


Very Nice Collection! Congrats!

July 09, 2013


Thanks everyone for reading this and visiting my collection...
Chanevy, I do not have access to see the light box :(
Hel080808, you have a very rich portfolio....good luck! :) I will let you know if we plan for something in future to help the kids!

July 09, 2013


It is a great and bright colection. By being a photographer you are being an environment carer and a social worker, because you raise awareness for those isues.

July 08, 2013


Wish you much success!

July 08, 2013


Very nice collection! For social issues, perhaps something from this lightbox will fit: Poverty in Egypt

July 08, 2013


Great collection!

July 08, 2013


I would like to be part of your social help. I vist some countries in Africa and have much editorial photos from their life and their environment. Please let me know if I can help you at your engagement,

July 08, 2013


Thanks a lot! :)

July 08, 2013


Your best selling "Young girl planting tree"is cool!21 downloads at editorial!Congratulations!Congratulations also for the collection!

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