A collection about postcard,looking for help

Postcard just like the life.

One of my friends liked to collect postcards.

If you're traveling, send the joy home on a postcard to yourself.

So I would like to start a collection about the factor of postcard.

No matter it is fashion or classical, please let me know



letter paper(after ps)

I would like the photo about friendship,communication,any naturehuman detail can telling a story,event a logo you think it is fashionclassical and so on.

Those photo became a postcard.

It would be the best record of your life!

Photo credits: Yl413100419.

Your article must be written in English

September 23, 2012


hi there! not sure what you are looking for.. most post cards are of a place that is bright and contrasted... but you know my work a little so please feel free to go on my site and use any ideas you think might work for this concept! im anxious to see what you are thinking of

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