Hi everybody,

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I just arranged my photos in Collections.

Can any one please tell me how to get 5 users within my Collections so we can get more selling?

Or at least what is the best way to take advantage of having Collections!

Thanks in advance,


Photo credits: Maen Zayyad.

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Now I have three sets of collections, hope I made the right choice!


Noonie & Bradcalkins thanks alot...


Search for photos to fit the collection or simply write a message and request some (that will get a lot!). Click on the photo you want, click the tools bar, click on "add to collection". It's simple. The hard part is not getting sidetracked and spending too much time on each collection! For me, it was a matter of ease in finding my own and getting a chance to look around some at others. I am glad I organized that way now that I have so many online...I need to take the time to add photos from others more often to my collections.


You can add anybody's images to your collections. Getting five users is simply a matter of finding at least 4 other user's photos that match your theme and put them in your collection.

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