Hi everybody!

I'am a new contributor.

Working on some new subjects at Dreamstime.

How do i create a collection? Help :-)

Regards Per

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November 12, 2012


Thanks Susan!
Still learning :-)
Also thanks to Eliane!
Now looking for your collections.

November 10, 2012


@Inyrdreams: very good explanation :D
@Perstock: I added 4 of your photos to my collections :)

November 09, 2012


go to management area, click on that. on the top left there are some blue circles.. the far right has one that says collections and there is a star. click on that..and you will see at the bottom a list on adding a new collection. also search on line here and see if maybe some of your work will fit in other peoples collections. collections are great because it helps others find your work. the more links you have back to your photos the better you will be seen. I have 5 collections... perhaps you have something that might fit in mine? it takes 5 different photographers to make a collection go public. its nice to have a variety of things. good luck!

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