Collections Contribution Request Part VIII

6 new collections need your suggestions :) Even if you have nothing to contribute to the current ones, enjoy going through them and keep your eyes open for my future blogs & collections!

© Rolf52
Venetian Carnevale Masks

Dogs for Cat People

Green, Red, & Yellow



Snowy Summits

Of course the old collections are always open for new additions, check out my old blogs:

Part I,

Part II,

Part III,

Part IV,

Part V,

Part VI,

Part VII.

I only ask you to read the descriptions before suggesting any file to save me time from adding & then deleting in case the photo doesn't fit.

People photos are only accepted when it says so in the description.

Photo credits: Eliane Haykal, Georges Kyrillos, Roberto Cerruti, Rolf52, Michael Pettigrew.

Your article must be written in English



Hello Eliane, I have a suggestion for Dogs:
 Image not available or id is incorrect. 


Hello. Maybe this is image fits your 'dogs for cat people'
   Dog - Boomer   


And here's a mask - more Mardi Gras - so not sure if it works for your Venetian collection - perhaps if you start one with costumes or masks? You have some wonderful collections!

   Mardi Gras feathered masks party hat beads   


I'm not sure if this is snowy enough for your snowy summits but it shows some snow on the mountains in the summer and a glacier in Glacier National Park in Montana, USA

   Glacier National Park Montana USA   


Would this one work for your "Away" collection? The child isn't walking, moving, or sailing away from the camera, but her back is to the camera as she looks away into the distance. If it's not a match, no worries.

 Baby Child on Beach Stares at Ocean 


HI Eliane, I hope the folllowing images are suitable.
Railroads: 20640021 and 17574035
Away: 23521513
Thanks, Damithri


Eliane -

Here are a few possibilities for your Away Collection: 20659465, 18676757, 17741266
Thanks, K-


Hallo, great work, thank you!
Here are my suggestion for
Dogs for cat people: 22685871
Snow summit: 22685648

Thanks a lot!


My suggestions:

Snowy Summits: 4209755, 5773080, 5773111, 5757730,
5757902, 12968299 and 16700239 .

Away Collection: 17374567 and 17140833 .

Railroads Collection: 5866991 .

Green, Red and Yellow Collection: 3862029, 6216644, 6326199, 21413886, 8074875, 13258349, 14039379 and 17411321 .

Dogs for Cat People Collection: 7083778 .

Venetian Carnevale Masks Collection: 4352487, 3838834, 8031358, 4379235.


Nice idea and wonderful collections. Thank you!

Here is my suggetion for 'Away' collection:

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 

And this one is for 'Venetian masks':

 Venetian masks 

For 'Railoroads':

 Image not available or id is incorrect. 


@Digikhmer, I added your first suggestion but the "Away" one doesn't fit unfortunately, though a very nice photo.
@Sgmmst: I'm going to make a collection about treasure chests in the near future, your suggestion would fit more there :)


May I suggest you this picture Venice Treasure Chest for the "Venetian Carnevale Masks" collection? It's worth to take a look at it.


 Romantic Autumnal Sun Set 

Eventually this picture can be listed in your "Away" collection


Hi Eliane,
May I suggest you this picture 22739145 for the "Green, Red and Yellow" collection ?


I have these photos for the snowy summits collection. Please take a look:


Thanks, I used some of your work on my blog named relatieproblemen. It's a dutch site but I'm sure images speak for itself. :)


Thank you Eliane for your generous selection of my photos as a part of your rich collections.
I appreciate your choice.
Hear you again hopefully... ;)



Many did!


Hi Eliane.

Maybe one of these pictures could find place in some of your collections:

My contribution for your collection No. III / Easter Eggs
   Easter decoration   

   Easter decorations   

   Easter decoration   

... for your collection No. V / Arches
   Church hall   

   Image not available or id is incorrect.   

   St. Martin's cathedral   

... for your collection No. V / Strickingly Bright Flowers
   Cactus in bloom   


... for your collection No. VI / Bouquet or Vase
   Wedding bouquet   

   Wedding bouquet   

   Bouquet of roses   

   Pink orchid   

   White flowers in decorative vase   

   Sunflowers in decorative vase   

   Flower decoration   

   Euphorbia pulcherrima   



... for your collection No. VI / Totally Tiles
   Roof tiles   

   Roof tiles   

   Roof tiles   

   Roof tiles   

... for your collection No. VII / Wine, Cellar, & Vineyard
   Wine and grapes   

... for your collection No. VIII / Away
   Romance in nature   

   Romance in nature   

   Farewell to the land   

   Romantic sunset   

Thank you Eliane for your consideration.



Keep the suggestions coming :)


Elaine. Great Collections! I have a 21632286 which I think would fit in well at wood shavings. Hope you like it!


Great collections! I have some images for your old collection 'Cities at night'. If you like them, grateful if you add them to your collection: 21968228, 21967941, 21785926, 21611016, 21595683, 19985822,19788208.



For "away"


For "Green,Red and Yellow" :
number 6813734


@Drskn08: it's about the real thing! I added another of your photos to another collection.


For "Gree,Red and Yellow"-
my tomato plant-


For Venetian Masks:
[imgl]1073799[/imgl] [imgl]1073774[/imgl] [imgl]1073762[/imgl]

For Railroads

For Snowy summits
[imgl]5661503[/imgl] [imgl]5661468[/imgl][imgl]5661411[/imgl][imgl]5661494[/imgl]


Hot about this one for your dogs for cat people, Eliane?


Interesting collections!


My contribution for snowy submit: 21355633
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
and maybe: 22458833
   Image not available or id is incorrect.   
Thank you

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