Collections Contribution Request Part XVI

6 new collections are now open for your contributions, you only have to read the description of the collection before sending in your suggestion :)

My previous 15 blogs are still open for your suggestions too, check my 15th blog for links to the previous ones.

After starting the day remembering the good old days and having nostalgic memories of Wooden Horses:

© Egal ( Help)
© Nadki ( Help)

Let's experiment with some paintbrushes & rollers in Paint Me!:

We went too far and oh They're Alive!!:

© Pkruger ( Help)
© Waldru ( Help)

We'll try to relax from all the excitement in a few Grand Libraries:

© Vacl ( Help)
© Evgeshag ( Help)
© Pavel068 ( Help)

After Pouring Tea to help us focus:

© Duskbabe ( Help)
© Diavata ( Help)

& it's ok if we also ruined our diet after indulging in delicious Arabic Sweets at the end of the day:


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March 22, 2015


Hi Eliane, I'm new to collections and thought, well I should have done this since I started but I've never found the time to do it until now. Anyway I hope you can add some of my images to your collections if they fit in the collection.

• I have this for Inspirational and Lovely Violet. :)
 Motivational poster 

• These are for Lovely Violet:
 Sparkly Flyer template   Abstract banner template   Email cool icons 

Thanks! :)

December 20, 2014


hi eliane! here is one for paint me....43686874
and 43686957


October 06, 2014


Hi! Would you add two of my photos (44576276 - 44575694) to your "Majestic peacocks" collection? Thanks

September 04, 2014


Inyrdreams: Haha! But focus on the assignment now :)
Thanks Georges :)

September 04, 2014


Again, nice blog & collections Eliane :)

September 04, 2014


I have nothing to contribute here! Which means there are some serious holes in my portfolio. Hmm? Now where is my camera? ?

September 04, 2014


Sorry Digikhmer, it has a human hand! Do you have another with only the teapot and the mug?

September 04, 2014


Hi Eliane, would you mind to add this 19422167 in your "Pourring Tea" collection ?

 Tea Ceremony 

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