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Dear all,

Few silly questions here.

I like to try product photography lately. What I heard is all light sources have to be same temperature/color.

1)So I would like to know is there any impact of lighting (if they are in different temp/color) in final image if I shoot in RAW mode and adjust the white balance in photo-shop light-room?

2)On the lamp, color temperature is mentioned as 5500K but how do I know it is really 5500K? Is there any way to check this?

3) Anyway to shoot so that background is totally white (255, 255, 255)? (I don't want to remove background in PS)

Thanks so much for your time and sorry for my English.


Your article must be written in English

October 25, 2014


Wow. Your QUESTIONS reveal much more knowledge of photography than I could ever dream of accumulating. Thank God I'm really a writer/editor!

Loving being on Dreamstime, and playing around taking pictures everywhere, though.
Oh, and thanks for stopping by my profile and leaving your message of encouragement! Great work! If you ever need any help cleaning up some copy, I'm your girl. *smile*

July 14, 2014


Hello Perstock,

Thanks so much for your reply. I must consider point 3 plexi with under-light because I do not want to rely on PS to make white background. Thanks again so much for your time.

July 14, 2014


Hi Henry,
no problem at all with your english! I am not native english either .-)

1. Depending on what you are photographing... Packshots with white surfaces will reveal even the slightest difference. But in some cases it may ad some charm. Just experiment...
2. Not so important, just finetune in PS. if you are shooting i RAW its simple. But your screen need to be calibrated or reasonable reliable.
Or compare with other images - you can find them here on DT
3. If its very important with totaly white background without using PS you can use white plexi with underlight. But in most cases a slight dropshadow doesnt matter - the buyer will do whats needed anyway...

You can find tons of isolated objects here on DT to compare with.



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