The color GREEN

This is a simple one - post an image of something GREEN in your portfolio!

I'll start:

Shocking green

Photo credits: Arenacreative.
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  • Arenacreative
In my creative field, every day is something different; sort of like a new adventure. I love to challenge myself as I try to continually improve my skills and abilities to the next level. Having a creative job that pays the bills is a blessing. But man, is it a lot of work! :)

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February 29, 2008

Green in more ways than one:



February 14, 2008

Here's mine:

 Hand with ribbon 


February 14, 2008

My Green image is about today "The Valentine Day", with Fresh/New Love concept. It's also my most popular.
 Heart Beats For You 


February 13, 2008

Ok try this:
Green Curtains