The Color Red (Part 2)

My very first blog on Dreamstime was about using the color red in stock photos ( here). I've gone back through my portfolio and can see that some of my best selling older images have the color red in them.

I can also see a trend in many of the photos that I've shot more recently that are just beginning to sell and that have the color red in them.

It is the color of blood, and is often used to symbolize passion, love, or anger. In some cultures, the color red also represents luck and prosperity. Red occurs often in nature and we attempt to harness its visual power for everything from politics to sports.

When creating photographs I often build a photo around the color red because of its power to draw the viewer in. So the next time you are shooting stock, find something red to put in the frame. You might be pleasantly surprised by your success. Good luck and I hope to see you shooting out there!

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October 01, 2014


Your portfolio is amazing, congratulations.

September 29, 2014


red is my favorite color. when i was young I had a book called Ann likes red. my mother said i made her read it over and over and over... lol love your images!


September 28, 2014


Very interesting Eric. Yes red definitely makes me look twice. Great portfolio you have. This is interesting re colours, somebody shared it here some time ago, you may have already seen it.

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Photo credits: Lane Erickson.