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Hello again to all DT members!It seems that i have a problem with my colors.On my computer all my pics have a good and vibrant color but when i send them on line the same photos are very desaturated and faded question is:What color space do you use in photoshop?Is this the problem or is something alse?Please give me an advice regarding this problem.

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I always shoot RAW in Adobe RGB, then open the image in Photoshop in Adobe RGB again (after processing it in ACR) and just before saving the final image, I convert the profile to sRGB. That's the only way (at least for me) my images on Dreamstime to look exactly the way I see them outside the site. I learned that the hard way :)


Dreamstime seems to add a lot of contrast when previewing images, things that are 5-10% gray look much darker after uploading to DT, im might do some manipulation with the colours as well. I guess it helps buyers to better review the image.
So if your monitor is calibrated just don't worry and keep uploading.


Calibrate your monitor after at least 30 minutes is on. If you can buy a colors calibration "gadget", very useful.


Normally, for color correction I convert my images to LAB and work there. But final result (to be sent to DT) is always saved as RGB. Also be sure to calibrate your monitor.

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