Colorful decoration Easter eggs

© Ariusz
We have many natural methods to decoration Easter eggs. Krashanky are boiled eggs dyed a single color with boiling them in vegetables, it can be done with some simple methods:

Brown egg- boils in onion peels

Black egg – boils in bark of oak or peels of Italian nut

Yellow egg – boils in bark of young apple tree,

Violet egg – boils in flowers of black mallow

© Ariusz
Green egg – boils in burgeon of young rye

Pink egg – boils in beet juice

You can also paint egg with some pattern by using hot wax before colored them by boiling. You can scratch the pattern after colored them, painting them with some colorful markers or dyeing an egg to which small leaves have been attached. Have a fun.

Photo credits: Ariusz Nawrocki, Lucyna Koch.

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