Colorful Puerto Rico

When I think of Puerto Rico, images come in so many different colors:

The rich blue of Caribbean Sea is framed by palm leaves to form a picture-perfect tropical paradise:

The solid earth-tone fortresses on the seaside are strong reminders of those troubled times in history, when the ocean front was not prime real estate but a source of incoming attack.

Nowadays, these fortresses have become one of the major attractions for tourists from cruise ships landing at the harbor.

In Old San Juan, the capitol stands out in cool grayish marble, beautiful but serious as a political center.

The cobblestone streets of Puerto Rico are a canvas covered by bright colors,

spilling out from the interiors of buildings;

and a local flower vendor stands out in a crowd, with a smile on his face and flowers in his arms.

Photo credits: , Jinlide.

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Puerto Rico is a great place for photographers. Hope the bright colors can send you some warmth, Desislava!


Wow, it's so colorful! Here all day and night is snowing. Now we have deep snow almost 60 cm. It's all so white :)


Great eye for capturing such rich and vibrant colors.


Very colorful city, would love to visit there and many other places.

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