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Well, I like children so much. I'm a mother of two cute boys, who argue all the day, but I love them so much!

And so, I like to work for children, I love children's world, with little animals, friends, toys and cute things.

I'm creating a serie of coloring images for and about kids. And I've decided that the best way to make them useful for art buyers is to vectorize them all.

And if you want to buy a black and white vector art from my portfolio, and you don't find eps file, send me a message, surely I can do it for you!

Good job to all of you!

Photo credits: Carla Francesca Castagno.

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February 25, 2014


The pictures are very very great !Like them !You are the loving and great mother !

February 19, 2014


Beautiful pictures, the heart of the loving mother!

February 19, 2014


Great idea, I also love children very much, mine in particular makes me tired a lot, but it is a priceless joy!

February 19, 2014


good idea.great mother!

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