The Colors of Autumn

As the temperatures outside turn cooler, there is initially a burst of warm, sometimes hyper vibrant colors that excite the internal soul, reminding one to experience and bring close, integrate one's experience with, all that is of the heat and the life of the growing and harvest seasons... inviting us to appreciate and collect what souvenirs we can from the summer, gather them close and into our homes to "fuel up" for the long, cold, and darker winter months with a burst of energizing flame that will sustain us over that time, until nature will again provide in the springtime, so many moons from now.

We also acknowledge the softer, more muted tones of fall, that perhaps remind us of a well-loved childhood blanket that grew soft and faded over time or an old brown wooden crate that's been used to collect crisp red apples one month and gourds the next, for generations, like a true and loyal friend.

We look to textures and objects of years long tradition for the comfort of familiarity, something dependable.

Here, a large wooden box of miniature white pumpkins might be somewhat novel, but just the right texture and creamy, seasonal hue, to inspire a new decorating project, making the home a place that calls your heart joyfully back to the safety and warmth your abode each night..

We go out to have a look and sometimes take pictures, of the changing foliage on the trees on spirited, happy weekend days...

And sometimes we just like to take note of quiet moments, or relevant colors that give us a certain feeling of calm and happiness and security.

However it is that you like to enjoy this beautiful, colorful season, get out there and do it now, and try to bring home something special to remind yourself of the joy and love and abundance that the universe will provide, time and time again.

Stay inspired, and remember to have a wonderful day!


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October 30, 2016


autumn is a verry important season for photographers , a magical season.

October 28, 2016


Love those trees! :)

October 28, 2016


Beautiful article and photos. I love autumn :-)

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Photo credits: Cmoulton.