Colors for the buyers

The fun of colors

When we take pictures and our priority is selling them, it is important to consider the existing relation between specific colors and their immediate effect. All the big firms, that is, all those focused on making profit, have studied these interrelations and have learned therewith how to make impact on the buyers.

Take the red of certain companies for instance, which evokes strong emotions, and notice how they contrast with the yellow of bulldozers or with the green of certain brands of tractors. And what about the black used by black beer producers, and the orange color used to promote some telecommunications companies. These corporations didn’t choose their symbolic color at random. They understood the game and their choice was apt to incline the general public towards their specific product.

Colors in advertising

The same is true about advertising. No one will deny the fact that a specific color can have two different effects when used in different countries. The advertising companies are particularly aware of these disparities.

For instance, when they try to draw Spaniards to their national beaches in the month of July, they use different shades of blue or pictures taken in the water, and write something like: “Let the fresh waves caress you”.

Young man swimming in oceans water

But when they advertize the same beaches in Finland, in the month of April, they use warm colors and write something like: “Where the sand glows”.

Children laying on beach

As we all understand, all has to do with the fact that the mind can be influenced by colors as well as by words. Once this is understood, we have already done a step forward.

A few examples

Let us look at a few pictures to see how the brain works. On the images below we have two seniors sitting on the beach. The first one evokes juvenility and actions due to the provoking color of his swimming trunk. In contrast, the second transmits serenity and soberness, and the transmission resides also in the color of the swimming trunks. So here we have colors carrying a message. That’s why I wrote about The language of colors in my previous blog. Colors, as speech, can lead a person to think something specific.

Man camping at the beach

Man camping in shelter at the beach

Assisting the intention of the buyer

When a buyer looks for a picture, he is usually looking for something that will boost the message he wants to transmit. That is why we, photographers, gain advantages if we store messages in our creations, and believe me, colors have an important role to play in that respect.

The picture of the senior couple below is loaded with feelings of well-being. The white breathes quietude and purity, and the blue exudes freshness and continuance. Such creations could be the desired object of companies promoting health foods or therapeutic procedures. And much of the attraction has to do with the salubrious colors used in the composition. No wonder it found 170 buyers.

Happy Senior Couple Pointing To Sea on Beach

For instance, the two pictures below emanate the spirit of Greece although their colors have nothing in common. One is full of blues and speaks of freshness and tranquility. The other one is reminiscent to a duo-tone composition, yet it has won the heart of one hundred buyers.

Church in Santorini, Greece.



Fan of colors

So we have black that carries a message of authority, as in the case of judges, or of intelligence, as in the case of the graduates, or of mourning. Then we have red that conveys the message of love and romance, of excitement and energy, and obviously of life. Then comes the green that bathes us in nature, growth, and health. And the list goes on and on. One doesn’t need to be a psychologist to understand the preliminary rules of colors and their effects.


Nazare boats

So let us keep in mind that when we sell a picture we sell its colors as well and, happily, the message they convey. I insist: The buyer is looking for pictures that will promote his intention. So let us provide what he needs, with colors reverberating his target. Don’t forget! A picture that doesn’t carry a message is a mute picture, and mute pictures are hard to sell.

Photo credits: Angeladust, Dreamstime Agency, Darren Baker, Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz, Gunold, Ivonne Wierink, Katkov, Maksym Topchii, Vangelis.

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November 21, 2019


Thank you guys.

November 21, 2019


Very true : colours reverberate his target.All the pictures selected in this blog is so colourful.

November 18, 2019


Great parsing on the use of colors and their effects! William

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