The colors of wildlife

Since this is my first blog article, and my inspiration has not reached it's climax :)) ... i thought i'll write something about the colors of wildlife.

A great subject, I think, for those without inspiration, would be the colorful life of the wilderness ...

... or, if that's out of reach, try and find some domestic subjects, but with a wild related background ...

I'm attracted by little details that give a picture it's magic ... ... like this white swan looking so modest and humble, thus wild bold and magnificent ...

There's a great subject right inside your home, maybe, and if you're passionate about photography you should take your time and try your best to capture it's features

I guess if someone is interested in seeing more or my portfolio could just click the following link: and if they do ... thanks!!

I'll talk to you guys soon ... when i'll reach my 1000 upload!

Photo credits: Andrei Gavrilescu.

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Wow! How did you do those aquarium photos - I have tried taking photos of fish in an aquarium through the glass and they don't turn out well - I get a lot of noise and the colors don't look look vibrant.

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